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Brake Repair Etobicoke

Stop & Go With Professional Brake Repair!

During the spring and summer, we tend to see more vehicles on the road. This means more traffic and ultimately, more stop and go for your brakes. Some drivers associate the warmer weather with less deterioration on their brakes, but it can actually exacerbate wear and tear. Therefore, before it’s too late, schedule your Etobicoke brake repair as soon as possible and get a head start on your adventures on the road.


Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair


Look for wear on your brake pads through the space between your wheel spokes. The outside pad is pressed against a metal rotor. You should see ¼ inch of a pad if you see less than that you should get them replaced.


Listen to your brakes. If you’re hearing a grinding or growling noise when you brake, this is a sure sign that your brake pads have worn down and need replacing.


Check your brakes’ responsiveness. If you have to keep increasing your foot’s pressure on the pedal, this could be an air leak in the braking system, in the air hose, or a brake fluid leak.


If your car is leaning or pulling towards one direction when you brake, this could be a sign that your brake linings are wearing unevenly. This problem may require a brake adjustment.


The Different Types of Brake Repair


          Brake Inspection – A quick process to help you better understand the state of your brakes.


          Rotor Replacement – The rotors work with your pads to bring your car to a complete stop.


          Front Disk Brake Replacement – Disk brakes are used in both the front and rear of most modern vehicles.


          Parking Brake – Responsible for locking your vehicle in place when parked on a hill or steep incline.


          Rear Disc Brake Repair – Some brake systems use disk brakes in the rear of the vehicle. Rear disk brake systems contain brake pads, calipers, and rotors.


          Rear Drum Brake Repair – Some brake systems utilize rear drum brakes instead of rear disk brakes.


Brake Repair in Etobicoke


Don’t put off brake repair, get quick and professional replacement services for domestic and import vehicles. If you’re looking for trusted professionals to help you with your brakes, then look no further than Xtreme Tire Garage for brake repair in Etobicoke. We perform 23-point brake inspections, fix rotors, calipers and brake pads. Contact us or call 905-274-8000 to schedule your appointment today!