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Oil Change Port Credit

Keep your engine moving to the Xtreme!

Your car is more than just a vehicle. It’s a means to get to your job, a way to see your friends and family, and a safe way to get from point A to point B. However, before taking your car on the road it’s imperative to maintain your vehicle’s fluids to run properly. It requires gas to run the engine, transmission fluid to help shift gears, brake fluid to stop the car, and of course, oil to lubricate the engine and all its moving parts.


Your engine works hard, and engine oil is the key ingredient that prevents friction and keeps it running smoothly. Over time and heavy use, your engine oil gets dirty and loses its ability to lubricate, putting more stress on your engine. Dirty oil can make your engine run inefficiently and cause damage if left untreated for too long. Getting an oil change in Port Credit can prevent future problems and make your engine run like new.


What is an oil change?


A Port Credit oil change is the process of draining your old oil and replacing it with new oil. Over time, your oil picks up dirt and debris, causing it to lose its ability to lubricate. This affects the way your engine runs, making it less efficient and noisier in some cases. By replacing your oil with new, fresh oil, your engine will be able to run smoothly.


What are the benefits of oil changes?


Changing your oil will make your engine run smoother and more efficiently, making it last longer and saving you money. Here are a few of the major benefits of getting an oil change in Port Credit



What happens if I don’t get an oil change?



Oil Change in Port Credit


Xtreme Tire Garage is a trusted name for oil changes in Port Credit. We can help maintain your car with high-grade oil changes so your car can cruise for miles without disruptions. Give us a call at 905-274-8000 or contact us to book an appointment today.