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Doug G

April 7, 2015

Dear Manager/Owner,

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you and your staff for some excellent service and treatment from start to finish

It all started when I saw your ad in Kijiji for two used snow tires, I called Mike and he told me they were still available. First I should tell you that I am in a wheelchair and my 1998 Caravan is not in the best of shape. Especially the rear tires as a matter of fact a belt had shifted in the right rear tire causing they van to wobble at low speeds. So I set off for your place. On the way I began to think, “What am I doing, driving 70 miles one way to get a used pair of snow tires?”. The place is probably some little hole in the wall outfit that is going to tell me they just sold them before I got here, however, we have this new set at twice the price but since you are here and you’ve come all this way you might as well take these.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at your facility. I called Mike and he came out to see me in my van. I told him I would like to stay in the van and he said that would be fine just drive into bay 3. I was truly impressed once I got inside and saw how neat and clean everything was. Two young fellows took care of me. One was named Brandon and I can’t recall the others name but they both did an awesome job.

Again I began to wonder how they can give me all this service for a pair of used snow tires. They even cleaned my cast aluminum rims, put silicone on to make a good seal, balanced them and washed them. They even washed my other rims and torqued all the lug nuts plus, plus, plus!

So I held my breath after the fellows were done and told me they were just finishing up the invoice in the office and would be out soon. But again I was pleasantry surprised when Mike came out and was even going to give me a break on the original price.

Excellent job all around and I know good employees are a result of good and fair management. For what it is worth if I can send any business your way I will!