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Pierre S

April 7, 2015

My name is Pierre Savoy. I have been involved in motorsport, both as a driver and an instructor for 25 years. Amongst the many things I have learned in the sport, is the importance of tires. After all, tires are your only contact with the road surface. I like to say: “ Make it as good a contact as you can afford.” The right tire is also very important and to get the right tire, you need the right people. I sincerely believe that Jason Segato and his team at Xtreme Tire Garage have the expertise to steer you in the right direction.”

Nokian Hakkapeliitta-R 205 55R 16 94 R XL (Audi TT 2.5, quattro) – Product Review By Pierre Savoy

“Excellent tire overall. It does have a tendency to talk back at you. But that is something I will put up with knowing that I have the right tires for almost any conditions. The tire is excellent on a hard pack surface or ice, as well as in the rain. It is very good in dry cold conditions, although it does have a tendency to roll over on its shoulder if one drives on-ramps too quickly. It is also very good in deep fresh snow, when it is below -5. It does have a bit of difficulties in medium depth snow, between -5 and 0 when the crystals are small. The consistency of the snow is a bit like soft fudge and the tread does not empty as well as it should.”