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Winter Tire Sale Etobicoke

Find top brands & high quality winter tires!

winter tire sale greater toronto area.

Protect yourself this cold, snowy season with winter tires. Give your vehicle enhanced protection before you’re giving yourself and family enhanced protection and increased safety. Having the right tires on your vehicle is more important than ever in Etobicoke. And there’s no better winter solution than Xtreme Tire Garage.


Winter Compounds


We carry a wide selection of winter tires designed with specialized materials that stay soft to provide ultimate traction at temperatures below -7 degrees Celsius. All-season tires stiffen and lose their effectiveness once the cold hits. Winter tires give you more reliability because the rubber compounds stay soft and flexible in freezing temperatures allowing for more grip on cold, slippery roads.


Superior Tread


Winter tires have tread block patterns designed to grip the snow, ice and slush on roads better than any all-season tire. The tires are larger in size due to the tread and cut designs. Winter tires have different and deeper tread to more effectively displace water and grip snow.



Increased Stability & Control


Ensure you always install all four winter tires on your vehicle, this provides greater control and stability. In snowstorms and icy conditions, winter tires give you more protection while driving. You’ll be able to brake and come to complete stop quicker and corner safely.


Winter Tires in Etobicoke


As an authorized dealer of top tire brands, you’ll know you’re getting the best winter tires in Etobicoke. We carry a wide selection of Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Dunlop, Uniroyal, Bridgestone and many other brands to best suit your vehicle needs. Take charge of winter with high-quality snow tires at Xtreme Tire Garage. The smart, convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you’re equipped for the season.


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