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Winter Tires

The Best Winter Tire Sale!

winter tires toronto


Well, it’s that time again. Winter has arrived, and we need to prepare ourselves for the next few months of wearing multiple layers, gloves and toques. We also need to make sure our vehicles are ready for snow and ice-covered roads, which means getting yourself some winter tires in Toronto is essential.


Why are winter tires important?


Winter tires are essential for a few reasons:



The two different types of winter tires


  1. Studless tires – The standard in winter tires is the studless tire. It relies on modern advancements in rubber compounds, tread design and other unique properties. This tire stays flexible, even in cold temperatures to better maneuver on roads.

  1. Studded tires – This style of winter tire is for people who typically drive on severely ice-covered roads, such as in Northern Ontario. These tires have small metal studs embedded right into the tread. They can severely damage roads that are clear, and that’s why they are not allowed in many places.


Tire Sale at Xtreme Tire Garage


Take advantage of our incredible Goodyear rebate and promotional offer until December 31st, 2018. Get $120 back and 250 bonus Air Miles when you buy four select Goodyear Tires!


GOODYEAR EAGLE RS-A 225/60R18$175 



GOODYEAR TRPLTRD AS 94V SL VSB P215/60R16 – $137.75

GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 ASYM 96Y AS 245/45ZR18 – $247.95 

GOODYEAR EAGLE LS 89T SL B01 P205/55R16 – $99.95


Winter Tires in Toronto


If you need new winter tires, look no further than Xtreme Tire Garage. Not only do we have the best selection for winter tires in Toronto, but we also have top-notch professionals to help install them.


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