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Our friendly team is always transparent and will work with you to find the perfect tire for your needs. At Xtreme Tire Garage, we create personal connections and trusted long-term relationships. Hear it from our valued customers themselves!


The team at Xtreme Tire Garage can assist you with auto repair services, and other car services while providing exceptional service and a positive experience you will remember. Whether you’re looking for factory scheduled maintenance, wheel alignments, the best place to buy tires online, a tire change, or other automotive services, the experienced, knowledgeable staff at our tire shop in Mississauga can help. See what our loyal visitors have to say about the Xtreme difference!

I went for a drive on the weekend and those tires are great – no noise and smooth. Great job on the recommendation, it drives like a different truck. The guy’s did a great job on the alignment.


We would like to thank and compliment you and your staff for the outstanding service we received recently in purchasing new tires. This work was done very well (our vehicle runs quieter, smoother) and in a good time frame. “Kudos” to you all!


No words can describe how happy I am with the service, products, quality and advice I have received from Xtreme Tire Garage. This is the one place I can trust 100% when it comes to my vehicle.

Patricia Cichocki

Excellent Customer Service. Very good pricing, quality work – never had an issue when bringing my vehicle here.

Erin Stoutt

Always a gratifying experience from the time I book for my service until I get my vehicle back.

John Spencer

Arrived just in time for Mike to give me a bag of fresh, delicious popcorn… sat down, was offered a coffee… grabbed the paper, and in a short time was advised that my oil change was complete, my vehicle is in good order, and I’m out of there! What more could anyone ask for?

Sue Nocera

Best shop for service, people and clean everywhere from washrooms to garage bays. I truly think there are many big car dealerships that could learn a lesson or two from this business.

Forbco Holdings Inc.

Professional and efficient service, nice, clean and modern showroom, service area and customer lounge. The staff offered me a coffee while waiting.

Bert Almeida

We have been bringing out cars to Xtreme for many years now and continue to get top-notch service. I would not consider going anywhere else for everything from minor oil changes to major mechanical work. Absolutely everyone provides excellent service and we have a great deal of confidence in the true customer service team, the mechanics.

Joan Wilson

First Off, in a word….WOW! Thank you so much for recommending them for my application. You were right on!
I asked for a tire that would provide my older Cadillac with a smooth & quiet ride, and they sure fit the bill. While cruising on the roadway, I can barely hear them, in fact, if a vehicle comes alongside me, I’m more likely to hear the road hum of their tires than my own, and the ride is as smooth as I had hoped for. (BTW, that vibration I was feeling from the winter tires is gone.)

What’s more, a by-product of my earlier career as a Truck Fleet Superintendant, I’ve maintained the habit of always recording my fuel purchases and odometer readings in order to track my fuel performance. Anyway, after 3 fill ups so far, I was stunned to see a fuel performance improvement of 22.15 %, which I calculate will save me approximately $163.00 on fuel in the next 6 months alone based on an average price of $1.05/litre.

So thanks again to you both for your expert selection advice, and also a shout out to the guys in the shop for the best and cleanest tire installation job I’ve experienced to date.

Have a great day!

Mike Wells

Hold Promotion Systems

Amazing service! Staff is very friendly and open to what needs to be done, what can wait and what you don’t have to worry about. It has been a pleasure taking my vehicles there.

Mike S

I’ve been a licensed GM Tech for over 15 years and I just recently got out of the trade. Having said that, I was very impressed with all aspects of the service. The install, the price, the appointment was on time, great waiting area and the service advisor was very knowledgable as well. Thats why I take my Buick and my 2010 Corvette GS there.

Jim T

From the moment I talked to the service advisor I knew I was in very good hands. Even though they were having a busy week, he managed to fit me in to satisfy my busy schedule. I was presented with the alternative service options based on what appeared to be a very knowledgeable background and voila – the work was performed perfectly, on time and at a very reasonable rate. I’m 100% satisfied and will certainly use Xtreme Tire Garage again. I recommend them also for Winter Tires – they have an amazing selection, competitive prices and offer storage for my summer tires! Undeniably the best garage I have ever dealt with!!

John S

As always, my experience with Xtreme Tire Garages’ expert Service people was an enjoyable one. My vehicle was taken care of within the time I was told it would be, the Staff were all so kind and helpful, as always. Always a great experience !!

Sue N

Andrew and the Crew always provide impeccable service and strive to go the extra mile. The cleanest most inviting and comfortable automotive care facility I have seen. I would highly recommend Xtreme Tire Garage. Dan, Etobicoke, ON

Danial O

Have now purchased 3 sets of tires, had the winter tires installed and stored every year and always pleased. Shop is clean, staff friendly and the amenities are a nice touch and help pass the time… which is never that long anyway!

Paul D

“Hi guys,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I really appreciate the excellent service you have provided me since my first visit in January.

My car drives great now after you’ve rebalanced the wheels!

I’ve tweeted about your business to my followers and will definitely be coming back and recommending your garage to others.

Thanks again,”

Christina T

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“Just thought I would drop you a line of thanks.

On the recommendation of Mr. Tomas, I came to your store to purchase a set of winter tires and rims.

I dealt with Manny, and he gave me a great deal. When the purchase was made, the rims had to be ordered.

When they finally arrived, Manny phoned me today that my tires were mounted, just waiting to be put on my car. As I was leaving work (late) I called and Manny put me in for 5PM. I showed up 45 minutes early. No problem, even though you were short staffed and busier than all get out.

I was out by 5PM.

Now, I don’t impress easily, but while waiting, I meandered about, looking around. Clean service area, lots of stock, professional staff, and I could go on.

Manny was exemplary in his professionalism, took the time on the initial phone call, and made the follow up calls in a timely manner.

Again, thanks.”


Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“Gentlemen just a quick note (way past due) to thank you for your assistance back in late July. The new Comfortread Assurance tires on our 2007 Odyssey continue to perform extremely well.

More so, the new brakes on the pop-up trailer performed very well throughout our vacation. We drove to Montreal; then through New York State and New Hampshire to Portland, Maine; then back home through Massachusetts, stopping in Boston; and then back home through New York State and Niagara Falls. By the time we got to Maine, all of the previous tire and trailer brake nightmares were a distant memory. My only regret is that I omitted to note the manager’s name who oversaw the trailer repair, and I hope you will remind me of his name.

Manny, I had also called the store when we got back and I was reminded that you were away on vacation. My apology for not sending this note earlier, but work tends to cloud or crowd the mind. I saw a flyer today, outlining your weekend sale at the Goodyear site and immediately set down to write this.

We will return for service in the future and appreciate all of your work to get us onto a worry free vacation.

Best personal regards,”


Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“The personnel are very pleasant and well informed. The renovations to the service department and surroundings are excellent. Special thank you to mike Yacynuk for his help. I would recommend to others. Five Stars.”

Alex T

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“Awesome service and friendly people. We will come again!”

Birgit K

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“I wish to make a few comments to share about my experience. All too often we hear about the bad but not the good. I could comment on how the pricing was awesome but this is not the focus of my kudos. So please share the following comments with the staff and your manager.

I have a life-time of experience in the automotive industry. Growing up, I would get dropped off at the shop and help my dad out for a few hours every day. I helped with anything from welding to menial jobs, like floor sweeping. I can appreciate what it takes to maintain an environment like the one at Xtreme Tire Garage. Your facilities and environment are clean, welcoming and a comfortable place to hang out. The facilities were incredible and unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced.

More impressive is your staff’s (Andrew’s) memory and professionalism. They were outstanding. And in my experience rare in ANY employee in any industry across the board. While I sat in the awesome window that looks on to the shop, I could tell that staff not only enjoy and care about their job, but they love what they do. I noticed the boys had a problem balancing one of the tires but instead of hammering a few ounces of extra weights , they re-indexed the tire and mounted it properly. This gave me great confidence in the install. I knew the laughing/smiling techs not only made it look fun, they proved they knew their stuff. ( insert hands clapping here)

After the install you ( Andrew) were going over my bill and added that the boys in the shop noticed one hub cap missing and the shock knuckle was bent in the rear. What impressed me is the fact you didn’t fill me full of Crap; to say that meant my shock was bad or could be damaged. You just let me know as a heads up……..awesome……to be honest I did know about those things already and will deal with them myself when the shock blows. But it is rare that a shop is honest to give a heads up about future problems that are easily visible, instead of trying to strip money out of a large investment in tires.

I know that it is near impossible to keep a shop that size clean, keep the staff smiling and to keep the sales staff honest. Everyone there hit the mark today. If it wouldn’t be so damn awkward I’d be hanging out, in that big screened waiting area ,chatting with the guys… every day, my kind of people and just like home. Congrats Andrew and all the staff there. You all are the best at what you do. “

Jamie F

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

Dear Manager/Owner,

I just wanted to write a short note to thank you and your staff for some excellent service and treatment from start to finish

It all started when I saw your ad in Kijiji for two used snow tires, I called Mike and he told me they were still available. First I should tell you that I am in a wheelchair and my 1998 Caravan is not in the best of shape. Especially the rear tires as a matter of fact a belt had shifted in the right rear tire causing they van to wobble at low speeds. So I set off for your place. On the way I began to think, “What am I doing, driving 70 miles one way to get a used pair of snow tires?”. The place is probably some little hole in the wall outfit that is going to tell me they just sold them before I got here, however, we have this new set at twice the price but since you are here and you’ve come all this way you might as well take these.

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at your facility. I called Mike and he came out to see me in my van. I told him I would like to stay in the van and he said that would be fine just drive into bay 3. I was truly impressed once I got inside and saw how neat and clean everything was. Two young fellows took care of me. One was named Brandon and I can’t recall the others name but they both did an awesome job.

Again I began to wonder how they can give me all this service for a pair of used snow tires. They even cleaned my cast aluminum rims, put silicone on to make a good seal, balanced them and washed them. They even washed my other rims and torqued all the lug nuts plus, plus, plus!

So I held my breath after the fellows were done and told me they were just finishing up the invoice in the office and would be out soon. But again I was pleasantry surprised when Mike came out and was even going to give me a break on the original price.

Excellent job all around and I know good employees are a result of good and fair management. For what it is worth if I can send any business your way I will!


Doug G

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

“As a 27 year old female with little to no automobile/mechanical knowledge, when I purchased my first car, I initially brought it to the dealership for all it needed and accepted their prices and service.

Approximately one year ago, when I made the decision to purchase winter tires, I received quotes from my dealership. Fortunately, Xtreme Tire Garage was recommended to me and I decided to comparison shop.

From the first time I entered the store, I was treated with courtesy. All employees took time to thoroughly explain prices and details surrounding my purchases. Needless to say, I have now bought 2 sets of tires from XTG, not only because of the reasonable price, but because of the utmost customer service and respect I receive there. I have since made the decision to have my car serviced at Xtreme Tire Garage as well.

Last winter, I was in a car accident involving me being hit from behind on the highway. Though my car appeared drivable, the tow truck driver insisted it was not. Panicked, I reached for my Xtreme Tire Garage card in my wallet, to seek advice. The service specialist was very helpful on the phone and eased my anxiety. Free of charge, they encouraged me to bring my car in for a quick ‘check up’ that afternoon.
They assured me that there was no damage requiring urgent care, and referred me to a reputable collision centre and contact. When I called the collision centre, they were already informed of my situation and this again offered me peace of mind.

Offering me a tea upon entering the shop, or spending a few extra minutes with me to explain the purpose of a car filter are just a few of the supreme customer service examples I have encountered at XTG that will keep me coming back and referring them to friends and family. “

Lesley M

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer

My name is Pierre Savoy. I have been involved in motorsport, both as a driver and an instructor for 25 years. Amongst the many things I have learned in the sport, is the importance of tires. After all, tires are your only contact with the road surface. I like to say: “ Make it as good a contact as you can afford.” The right tire is also very important and to get the right tire, you need the right people. I sincerely believe that Jason Segato and his team at Xtreme Tire Garage have the expertise to steer you in the right direction.”

Nokian Hakkapeliitta-R 205 55R 16 94 R XL (Audi TT 2.5, quattro) – Product Review By Pierre Savoy

“Excellent tire overall. It does have a tendency to talk back at you. But that is something I will put up with knowing that I have the right tires for almost any conditions. The tire is excellent on a hard pack surface or ice, as well as in the rain. It is very good in dry cold conditions, although it does have a tendency to roll over on its shoulder if one drives on-ramps too quickly. It is also very good in deep fresh snow, when it is below -5. It does have a bit of difficulties in medium depth snow, between -5 and 0 when the crystals are small. The consistency of the snow is a bit like soft fudge and the tread does not empty as well as it should.”

Pierre S

“It was really a pleasure to meet you at Ira’s event the other week! What a small world and what a great store you have. You and your entire staff have taken excellent care of our family as well as a number of our friends and they all are so impressed with the service and product. With a young family, tires are one of the most important safety components of the vehicle. Mike has sold us three sets of tires in the last 13 months. I was so impressed with the Dunlop low profile winter tires that Mike recommended for my car. I had always ran Gislaved winter tires for so many years but Mike assured me that the German made Dunlop winter tire would outperform what I was used to, boy was he right. When it came to summer tires this year we went with two other great suggestions. The Michelin Super Sports for my car and also this spring some low profile Michelin Sport performance tires for my wife’s car. Our winter tires and rims are even stored at your store now. With today’s busy schedules the convenience and promptness of the appointment is key and I am sure is appreciated by your other customer’s as well. What a coincidence to be seated at the same table. I was so pleased to be able to give you direct feedback as you guy’s truly make buying tires fun. Say hi to Mike.”

Kevin M

Xtreme Tire Garage Customer and President of MIYA Consulting Inc.

“An all-season tire on my wife’s 2011 SUV was punctured beyond repair. She had never driven on snow tires and I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a set. I found XTREME through a personal referral. Owner Jason was good enough to give me a tour of his impressive showroom and introduce me to sales and service rep Andrew. My tire selection was easy and affordable. The invoice was clear and concise and I was only there for approximately one hour. The work and follow-up was professional and not bothersome, and my wife is thrilled with the new tire’s performance and safety rating. XTREME also informed me they’ll contact me in the Spring to book my replacement appointment. 5 star treatment all the way! Thanks guys.”

Ladner’s Clothiers

“I take great pride in the care of my personal Corvette’s and have enjoyed excellent quality service at Xtreme Tire Garage.”


Ron Fellows, Champion Race Car Driver


Our Xtreme team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with anything you need.

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