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Bridgestone Corporation was founded in 1931 and has been on a mission to create world-class tires ever since. Bridgestone is a leader in innovation, research and development in the tire technology field. Bridgestone is known for offering groundbreaking products like winter tires with better grip and fuel-efficient tires with that enhance fuel economy.


Bridgestone Tire Features

Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires

These tires are made to help you safely remain on the road with a flat-tire – long enough to get to a tire repair shop.

The Blizzak WS90

New tread compound with larger contact area helps improve performance on ice.

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Questions to Consider When Purchasing Bridgestone Tires:

Before making your choice, here are a few questions you can ask before buying new Bridgestone Tires in Mississauga:

  • How will they meet the requirements of your daily commute? All-season vs all-weather, for example.
  • What is the life expectancy of the tire?
  • What size tire fits your car?
  • How much can you expect to spend to get the tires you require?

Purchase Your Bridgestone Tires in Mississauga

Buying new tires is extremely important for your safety as well as the safety of your passengers and those around you. Make sure you purchase Bridgestone Tires in Mississauga at Xtreme Tire Garage. We have the largest selection of styles and sizes in the area to make sure you get the tires that work best for your driving habits and for your specific vehicle requirements.


No matter what you drive, you can find Bridgestone Tires in Mississauga to suit your vehicle’s needs. Some examples of the types of tires Bridgestone produces include: