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Jamie F

April 7, 2015

“I wish to make a few comments to share about my experience. All too often we hear about the bad but not the good. I could comment on how the pricing was awesome but this is not the focus of my kudos. So please share the following comments with the staff and your manager.

I have a life-time of experience in the automotive industry. Growing up, I would get dropped off at the shop and help my dad out for a few hours every day. I helped with anything from welding to menial jobs, like floor sweeping. I can appreciate what it takes to maintain an environment like the one at Xtreme Tire Garage. Your facilities and environment are clean, welcoming and a comfortable place to hang out. The facilities were incredible and unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced.

More impressive is your staff’s (Andrew’s) memory and professionalism. They were outstanding. And in my experience rare in ANY employee in any industry across the board. While I sat in the awesome window that looks on to the shop, I could tell that staff not only enjoy and care about their job, but they love what they do. I noticed the boys had a problem balancing one of the tires but instead of hammering a few ounces of extra weights , they re-indexed the tire and mounted it properly. This gave me great confidence in the install. I knew the laughing/smiling techs not only made it look fun, they proved they knew their stuff. ( insert hands clapping here)

After the install you ( Andrew) were going over my bill and added that the boys in the shop noticed one hub cap missing and the shock knuckle was bent in the rear. What impressed me is the fact you didn’t fill me full of Crap; to say that meant my shock was bad or could be damaged. You just let me know as a heads up……..awesome……to be honest I did know about those things already and will deal with them myself when the shock blows. But it is rare that a shop is honest to give a heads up about future problems that are easily visible, instead of trying to strip money out of a large investment in tires.

I know that it is near impossible to keep a shop that size clean, keep the staff smiling and to keep the sales staff honest. Everyone there hit the mark today. If it wouldn’t be so damn awkward I’d be hanging out, in that big screened waiting area ,chatting with the guys… every day, my kind of people and just like home. Congrats Andrew and all the staff there. You all are the best at what you do. “