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Lesley M

April 7, 2015

“As a 27 year old female with little to no automobile/mechanical knowledge, when I purchased my first car, I initially brought it to the dealership for all it needed and accepted their prices and service.

Approximately one year ago, when I made the decision to purchase winter tires, I received quotes from my dealership. Fortunately, Xtreme Tire Garage was recommended to me and I decided to comparison shop.

From the first time I entered the store, I was treated with courtesy. All employees took time to thoroughly explain prices and details surrounding my purchases. Needless to say, I have now bought 2 sets of tires from XTG, not only because of the reasonable price, but because of the utmost customer service and respect I receive there. I have since made the decision to have my car serviced at Xtreme Tire Garage as well.

Last winter, I was in a car accident involving me being hit from behind on the highway. Though my car appeared drivable, the tow truck driver insisted it was not. Panicked, I reached for my Xtreme Tire Garage card in my wallet, to seek advice. The service specialist was very helpful on the phone and eased my anxiety. Free of charge, they encouraged me to bring my car in for a quick ‘check up’ that afternoon.
They assured me that there was no damage requiring urgent care, and referred me to a reputable collision centre and contact. When I called the collision centre, they were already informed of my situation and this again offered me peace of mind.

Offering me a tea upon entering the shop, or spending a few extra minutes with me to explain the purpose of a car filter are just a few of the supreme customer service examples I have encountered at XTG that will keep me coming back and referring them to friends and family. “