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Mike Wells

June 22, 2017

First Off, in a word….WOW! Thank you so much for recommending them for my application. You were right on!
I asked for a tire that would provide my older Cadillac with a smooth & quiet ride, and they sure fit the bill. While cruising on the roadway, I can barely hear them, in fact, if a vehicle comes alongside me, I’m more likely to hear the road hum of their tires than my own, and the ride is as smooth as I had hoped for. (BTW, that vibration I was feeling from the winter tires is gone.)

What’s more, a by-product of my earlier career as a Truck Fleet Superintendant, I’ve maintained the habit of always recording my fuel purchases and odometer readings in order to track my fuel performance. Anyway, after 3 fill ups so far, I was stunned to see a fuel performance improvement of 22.15 %, which I calculate will save me approximately $163.00 on fuel in the next 6 months alone based on an average price of $1.05/litre.

So thanks again to you both for your expert selection advice, and also a shout out to the guys in the shop for the best and cleanest tire installation job I’ve experienced to date.

Have a great day!