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Vehicle Inspections in Brampton

Promote Safety Vehicles are incredibly sophisticated pieces of machinery, but a lot can go wrong. Preventative maintenance is critical considering how heavily we rely on our vehicles. Having your vehicle into your local mechanic for routine inspections helps catch potential problems before they occur, and also allows you to drive a safer automobile that will last you longer.


A vehicle inspection may also be required before you can renew your license, your vehicle registration, or before you can complete the sale and transfer of a vehicle between two parties.

The Different Types of Vehicle Inspections

Safety Inspection

This inspection could be considered the most important, as it aims to keep unsafe vehicles off the road. In Ontario, a license plate cannot be put on any vehicle without first passing and acquiring a safety standards certificate. This certificate is needed when:


Emissions Inspection

This inspection differs from province to province, but all have the same purpose, which is to combat environmental concerns. These inspections are conducted to make sure all vehicles on the roads meet the same air-quality standards.


Insurance Inspection

An inspection for insurance is usually arranged when a vehicle is involved in an insurance claim. This is done to ensure that the damage indeed happened like the claimant said it did and is not fraudulent. This inspection will typically be done before any insurance policy on a new or pre-used vehicle can be addressed.

Where Should You Get a Vehicle Inspection Done?

Not just anyone can do a vehicle inspection. Legally, it has to be performed by a mechanic who has been licensed by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). All certified mechanics or shops should have a white and green sign displayed that states Motor Vehicle Inspection Station.


If you’re looking for a thorough vehicle inspection in Brampton, make sure you contact the automotive professionals at Xtreme Tire Garage. We offer all types of vehicle inspections, as well as a variety of car maintenance and repair services.