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6 Auto Repair Services You Should Never Neglect

September 15, 2020

Like any machine, your vehicle needs timely auto repair to function optimally. Additionally, timely car service will help avoid frequent breakdown and costly replacements.

6 Auto Repair Services You Should Never Neglect

1. Oil Change

Oil is an essential component of your vehicle’s overall health. Numerous minute explosions taking place in the combustion chamber can get your engine extremely hot. The oil cools engine components, preventing damage due to overheating. Over time, the constant lubrication and cooling effect degrade oil, producing a thicker sludge. Regular oil change avoids the detrimental effects of sludge and keeps your engine running optimally.

2. Tire Rotation

Tires have a crucial role in the safety and quality of your ride. Periodic rotation optimizes tire performance and extends durability. Each wheel position experiences varying types and wear rates, with the front wheels withstanding more torque and friction force required for turning and braking, hence more wear. Rotation spreads the wear and tear evenly across all tires, giving you a smoother ride, better handling, and better fuel economy.

3. Differential Repair

The differential assembly transfers power to the wheels, compensating for and adjusting to the wheel speed differences as your car makes a turn. When navigating a corner, the outside wheel has to turn faster to keep pace with the inside wheel. The differential maintains control while these wheels turn at different speeds. A faulty differential causes the vehicle to hop and bump along the pavement. Its repair is essential to resolve a shaky and unstable ride.

4. Belts and Hoses Change

Your vehicle has several belts and hoses that play a crucial role in the engine’s functioning, cooling, air conditioning, and charging systems. They include:

  • Timing belt, keeping the camshaft and crankshaft in synchronization
  • Serpentine and V-belt, powering the alternator, water pump, and cooling fans
  • Hoses, connecting various car components and also absorb vibrations

Belt and hose service are essential to repair, as failure can cause engine damage, overheating, loss of power steering, or electrical charging system failure.

5. Brake Repair

Properly working brakes give you the confidence that your vehicle will come to a complete stop when the need arises. Friction and heat wear down the brake pads, drums, rotors, and shoes, which, if not addressed in time, can affect the hydraulic components such as the wheel cylinders, calipers, and brake hoses. Regular brake repair and maintenance can help you avoid costly replacements and prevent accidents.

6. Starting and Charging System Service

Your car’s starting and charging system regulates multiple electrical processes to start the engine and keep it running. The starting components include the battery, starter motor, and solenoid, while the charging system consists of an alternator and voltage regulator. The battery supplies electrical power to ignite the engine, and the charging system routes this energy throughout the electrical process.

Maintenance and repair are incredibly vital since one bad link among these components can fail the entire engine ignition and running process.

Your vehicle is a precious investment. Timely service will uphold its value and boost performance. Visit Xtreme Tire Garage in Mississauga, ON, for all your repair and maintenance needs.


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