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Back to School Safe Driving Tips

August 2, 2018

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It’s sad to say, but the summer will soon be over. The end of August also means the beginning of another school year. With fewer cars on the road since the end of June, driving habits may have loosened up a bit. But it’s time to start thinking about how we drive when the kids are back to school. From school buses to school zones, here are some back to school safe driving tips to keep everyone safe this September.


Don’t get distracted


It should be common sense, yet it still needs to be said. Leave your cell phone alone! Distracted driving has passed driving under the influence as the biggest cause of accidents on our roadways. Being completely focused when behind the wheel is vital to keeping everyone safe.


Adhere to school zone speed limits


A lot of things can go wrong in school zone areas when going too fast. Kids darting out on the road and crossing guards are just a few of the people you need to be aware of. Not to mention parents picking up and dropping off their children, and school buses constantly starting and stopping. While it seems simple, it’s important to remember that going faster means it’s going to take you longer to stop.


Keep an eye out for crossing guards and zones


When it comes to crossing guards: be patient! They are doing an extremely important service for our kids, and they deserve to feel safe too. Keep an eye out for children crossing signs and always adhere to what the crossing guard is telling you to do. Also, make sure to stop behind the required line to give everyone adequate space to stay safe.


Be aware of your surroundings


This is a very general statement, but always pay attention to what’s happening around you. You need to pay attention to what you’re doing, but also anticipate what others may do, especially kids who are distracted, energetic or just having fun. Always allow children plenty of space between them and your vehicle, this will keep a safe distance for quick adjustments.


Drive safely around school buses


A number of people still drive recklessly around school buses. They’ve recently installed cameras on the stop arms of school buses as a way of deterring people from driving through a stopped school bus. This shows that people are still passing stopped school buses – which is illegal and can lead to a hefty fine and demerit points on your licence.  Always drive slowly around school buses, don’t tailgate, and stop when you see the blinking stop sign.


Take your car in for preventive maintenance


Taking your car in for a check-up is always beneficial, especially before children head back to school. Make sure your brakes, tires and signal lights are all working properly. It’s important for your vehicle to be just as safe as it is to follow the rules of the road.


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