5 Signs Your Battery Needs An Xtreme Tire Garage Inspection

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Five Signs Your Car Battery Needs Inspection

June 17, 2022

Heat is a car battery’s kryptonite and car battery failures are more common in hotter temperatures. In cooler climates, batteries may last up to 5 years, but in hotter areas, it may only be 3 years. Canada and Ontario especially have hot, humid summers and cold winters that can affect a car battery’s overall lifespan. Having a well-maintained car battery will help to avoid battery failure on your next summer road trip. Here are 5 signs you should be aware of that indicate you need a battery inspection.

Here are five signs indicating you might need to inspect your battery:

  1. Any electrical problems:

The battery controls all the electrical components in your vehicle. Any electrical issues could be an indication that your battery is dying. Pay attention to any lights going out or flickering in the dashboard, dimmer headlights while idling, and windows that roll up slowly.

  1. Engine slow to turn over at start:

If you notice a slow engine start, this could be an indication that your battery is wearing out or degrading. A vehicle that won’t start or frequently has trouble starting could be caused by a dying battery, corroded connection cables, or issues with the alternator or starter.

  1. A Bad Smell:

A sulfur-like smell that is reminiscent of rotten eggs could be caused by leaking sulfuric acid coming from the battery. This is a clear sign there is an issue with your battery. You should replace your battery right away, don’t wait too long or you could face additional issues.

  1. Jump-starting your vehicle daily:

You should not need to jump-start your car regularly. This is an indication that your battery is not holding a charge like it should. Avoid additional issues that could impact your alternator or starter and potential breakdowns by having a mechanic look at your vehicle.

  1. Environmental conditions and driving habits:

Both hot and cold extremes are hard on car batteries. Taking short trips frequently is also hard on the battery. Try to keep your car well-maintained and if your battery is old, be sure to have it replaced. Depending on your environment and driving habits, it may be a good idea to be proactive and replace the battery in your car every 2 or 3 years, whether you have issues or not.

Get Your Battery Serviced to Avoid Battery Failure on Your Next Road Trip

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