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Getting Your Tires Ready for Spring

March 20, 2019


A lot of changes will be happening soon with winter almost over. Shovels will be replaced with rakes and garden tools, outdoor furniture will come out of the shed and your winter tires will need a place to be stored. Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to think about booking your tire change.


Why You Need to Switch out Your Tires


Different types of tires have different applications and none of them should be on your vehicle all year long. Not even all-seasons (the name is deceiving) are suited to last through our Canadian summers and winters.


The main reason we switch out our tires is to make sure our vehicles are as safe as possible. Each type of tire has distinct specifications to allow them to do certain jobs in specific environments. They can’t do the job they have been designed to do if they are used in an element that they were not made for.


We also switch out our tires to allow them to last longer and therefore, save us money in the long run. As a general rule, winter tires can last for five to seven years depending on usage and conditions. This is a very loose generalization, and your tires should be inspected every year before they are put on your vehicle.  


Summer or all-season tires can last you a lot longer. Tire manufacturers, such as Michelin, recommend replacing your tires with new ones every ten years even if they look to be in good shape. But just like with winter tires, they should be inspected every year before they get installed on your vehicle.


The Differences Between Winter, Summer and All-Season Tires


Winter tire treads are designed to stay soft and pliable during cold temperatures. This allows them to provide maximum grip and stability on roads in winter. Summer tires are built for speed and agility, as people tend to drive faster in nicer conditions. The treads they have are designed to keep as much of the tire’s surface in touch with the road for ultimate stability in wet and dry conditions.


All-season tires have some of the elements that winter and summer tires do, but aren’t as reliable as either in more extreme conditions. They offer less grip than summer tires but can handle light winter conditions. Although, our winters are far too intense for what they offer.


Make Sure Your Tires Are Road Ready


Before switching out your tires, make sure they are in good shape and ready to roll. Also, if you have a separate set of rims for your summer or all-season tires, make sure that they are in good shape as well, with no holes in them. Use a heavy-duty brush to give them a cleaning if they are dirty or rusty.

If you want to book a tire change or any other service for your vehicle, contact the automobile experts at Xtreme Tire Garage. Our expert staff are here to make sure you and your vehicle are spring and summer ready.


Our Xtreme team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with anything you need.