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Keep Your Tires Rolling This Spring

April 28, 2015



There is some light at the end of the tunnel. We are almost out of this long cold winter and we can finally start to enjoy the warmth of the sun. This is the perfect time to get your vehicle back into shape. Follow these simple steps to get your car ready for summer:


1.There are some people who will let you believe that you can keep your winter tires on all year round. While winter tires provide you with excellent traction on snow and ice, they can actually compromise your ability to drive safely on dry road conditions. If you leave your winter tires on through the dry months, you will wear them out and will not handle the roads as well as you could with all season tires.


2. Roads that are littered with pot­holes can be tough on your car and can cause major damage to your suspension. No matter what type of tires you had on through the winter, you’ll want to check the evenness of your tread. If you spot uneven wear, you may need to bring your car into a shop to get an alignment. In the long run, this small act will save you hundreds of dollars.


3.With Spring quickly approaching and summer close behind, you will want tires that are able to resist hydroplaning in heavy rain and sliding on slick roads. To check if your tires are worn down, use the quarter test. Simply place the moose facing down in the tread, if you can still see his snout it is time to start looking for new tires!


4. It is best to buy a set of four tires at one time so that your vehicle can have a correct balance and even wear. Rotating your tires regularly will also help keep the wear of your tires even. If you are like most car owners and do not rotate your tires regularly, when you purchase your 2 new tires ensure that you are placing them at the rear of the car to allow for secure handling.


5. You should be checking your tires inflation regularly. Under ­inflated tires can cause heat to build up and cause premature wear. With the summer heat approaching, you will want to keep your tires properly inflated for optimal safety.


Our Xtreme team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with anything you need.