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Officially a World Record Host!

July 22, 2015

Casey Martin Guiness World Record

Officially a World Record Host!


While we may not be holding a World Record title ourselves (yet!) we are proud to have hosted an event where Casey Martin, USA, was able to simultaneously spin 4 fire hoops! While we had originally announced this as an attempt to set a World Record – it is now official. Congratulations Casey!


Casey was just one of the incredibly talented performers that guests of our Xtreme Tire Garage VIP Client Appreciation Event were able to watch live last year. Our event is able to showcase some of these amazing talents all in the name of giving back to our loyal and valued customers. We are looking forward to sharing another fun-filled event for our clients this August!


Below, we have included our 2014 Client Appreciation Event Video – and at approximately 0:58 seconds in, you can see live footage from our event of the record being set!




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