Safety Tips for Winter Vehicle Maintenance

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Safety Tips for Winter Vehicle Maintenance

October 24, 2016

closeup of man pouring antifreeze into car Your winter vehicle maintenance doesn’t end with the tire change and tune-up you performed at the beginning of the winter season. In order to keep your vehicle in good working condition and your family safe you’ll want to follow these three simple tips throughout the winter months. 1. Check Fluid Levels It’s really dangerous to run out of washer fluid in the middle of a snow storm. It’s also dangerous to run out of anti-freeze. Keep these fluids topped up and ensure you have some on hand at home should you need them. You’ll also want to ensure your oil levels are adequate and that your oil and filters are changed frequently throughout the winter months because the cold weather can be particularly hard on your vehicle. 2. Check Gas Levels Did you know that you should keep your gas tank half full at all times in winter to decrease the chances of your gas lines freezing? Having a full tank of gas is also important should you ever find yourself stuck on a highway or road because of white out conditions. With a full tank of gas you can keep your vehicle running and yourself warm if need be. Ensure You Have an Emergency Kit   It’s really important to keep an emergency kit on hand and well stocked in the winter months. You never know when you may get stranded and if your car breaks down or you are stuck in a snow storm your life could be at risk. Your emergency kit should include:

  • Non-perishable food and water
  • Warm blankets and extra mittens, hats and boots
  • Flares
  • A small shovel
  • Sand or cat litter
  • A flashlight with batteries
  • An extra cell phone charger
  • A small amount of cash should you need it
  • Booster cables
  • A spare tire
  • A jack

Checking the levels of your fluid and gas and ensuring your emergency kit is well stocked is an important part of vehicle maintenance and winter safety.


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