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The Best Ways To Prep Your Car For Summer

April 2, 2020

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After making it through another long and dreary Canadian winter, you can start thinking about all of the awesome road trips you’re going to do this summer! For most Canadians, our vehicles can be a place of solace. We sing in them, share laughs with friends and go on adventures with those closest to us. For these reasons and more, we need to make sure our vehicles are ready for the season change over. Here is a spring car maintenance checklist to get your car summer-ready.

Spring car checklist
Give yourself peace of mind by following these car maintenance tips for spring!

1. Get your winter tires switched out – Before you start motoring around this spring, make sure you get your winter tires switched out for your summer ones. To help extend the life of them, make sure you properly store your winter tires. Don’t switch out your tires too early. You want to wait until temperatures reach and stay around 7 degrees Celsius for roughly two weeks. Inspect your summer or all-season tires to ensure they have a good tread and no uneven wear. Also, don’t skimp on buying new ones if you need them, and have them rotated and aligned before hitting the road.

2. Give your vehicle a bath – Besides helping your vehicle look its best, there are a variety of benefits to washing your vehicle once all the snow and salt are off the road. Keeping your car clean can help extend the paint job, maintain its appearance and help keep its resale/trade-in value. How frequently you wash your car will depend on different factors, such as where you live, how much driving you do, where you store your vehicle and personal preference. But do try and avoid leaving things like bird droppings, tree sap and splattered bugs on your car, as these things can cause real damage.

3. Inspect your battery – After a long winter of struggling to start in extreme temperatures, you may need a new battery. Harsh winters aid in the deterioration of car batteries, so make sure you test yours and buy a new one if needed. A good quality battery should last four years or so.

4. Check on your brakes – Nothing affects brakes more than a long winter of suddenly stopping in snow and on ice. Your brakes can also deteriorate from repeated freezing and exposure to water. Brakes are an integral part of a vehicle and need to be in great working order. A brake inspection is a quick and reliable way to find out what shape your brakes are in before taking on the open road.

Other spring car maintenance services
Xtreme Tire Garage offers all of the services above and more, including:
Belts and hoses
Climate control systems
Electrical and electronic systems
Exhaust system repairs
Oil change
Preventative maintenance
Vehicle inspections
Tire services, and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for a company that cares about people and their cars, look no further than Xtreme Tire Garage. We offer car maintenance for a wide variety of vehicles and are passionate about being the best in the business. Contact our team of dedicated professionals at Xtreme Tire Garage today, and make sure that you and your vehicle are ready to hit the road.


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