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How Tesla Has Revolutionized the Future of Automotive Vehicles:

February 21, 2019


The future of automobiles has been something that has been dreamed about for decades. Ever since science fiction movies, books, and comics showed people in cars that were automated or on tracks, some people have thrived to make those dreams a reality. The enigmatic co-founder, CEO and product architect for Tesla, Elon Musk, is at the top of that list.


Where does Tesla want to take automotive vehicles?


Elon Musk has made some pretty crazy claims over the years. Some he has achieved, like launching the first private company owned spacecraft into space back in 2012. Others, are still a while away.


Recently, Musk has made what may seem like ridiculous statements about what Tesla’s new Roadster will be able to achieve. This includes going 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and having a 620-mile range (and these are just things that he says will be on the base model). Musk also believes that a future model of the car will use thrusters as a way to hover.


How will Tesla get there?


For technology to advance, you generally need three things: money, intelligence, and other smart people to assist you. Musk has all three of these things. He doesn’t care about what his critics say, and that just proves his belief in his ambitions.


Musk also cares about the planet, and this comes through in many of his tweets, like this one from early 2017:


“My goals are to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and to help make humanity a multi-planet civilization, a consequence of which will be the creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs and a more inspiring future for all.”


This thinking is spreading


Musk and Tesla are not the only players in this game looking to chime in on what the future holds for automobiles. All the big companies are all-in. Even higher-end brands such as Mercedes, BMW, and Cadillac are throwing their hats into the ring with some pretty fascinating ideas:


Ford’s GT supercar


This lightweight car is said to be able to do 200-mph or more and exceed over 600 horsepower. All of this out of only a V6 engine, with rumours of a four-cylinder on the way. Ford is hoping to have these on the road by 2020 (which is next year!).


Toyota’s solar panels


The thinkers over at Toyota are focusing on car technology, rather than a certain type of car. They’re thriving to put solar panels on the body of an automobile for it to run off of. This kind of innovation would have numerous positive applications.


Audi making some big promises


Audi has come out and said that they will introduce up to 12 different electric model cars by the year 2025. They have already gotten the ball rolling with their electric SUV, the e-tron, which was unveiled late last year.


At Xtreme Tire Garage, we love how these forward-thinkers are taking the industry to technological extremes. Though we don’t have flying cars just yet, that doesn’t mean that pioneers like Elon Musk aren’t trying their best to create them. The future of automobiles looks to be speeding ahead pretty quickly.



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