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Top Winter Tires for 2017

November 29, 2017

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While snow gives us a festive feeling, it also burdens us with dangerous driving conditions, and the need for winter tires.  Especially in busy cities like Mississauga, the roads can become slippery and prone to collisions during winter. To stay safe it is very important to invest in high performance, top winter tires.

How are winter tires different from regular tires? Winter tires provide maximized all-wheel drive performance, increased grip and traction, enhanced safety system functions, less slipping distance and have a longer life.

At Xtreme Tire Garage, we carry one of the largest winter tire selections in Mississauga but which brand and type are best suited for you?


Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 Performance


Do you regularly carry heavy loads? The Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 Performance tires come in a variety of diameters and can support up to 669 kgs. With an optimized polymer blend, silica tread and a severe snow symbol they are a great option to keep you safe this winter. These tires provide superior braking power on ice and snow and offer enhanced grip to increase traction on slippery roads.


Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D


Are you in an area that’s prone to flooding during winter thaws? Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D tires are another good option for winter drivers. They feature an active traction sipe system (sipes are thin slits cut across a rubber surface to improve traction in wet or icy conditions), directional tread design, multi-radius tread technology and their tread is processed with reactive silica. These features enable you to have better handling of your vehicle in wet or deep-water conditions and delivers smooth performance even at highway speeds.


Michelin X-Ice XI3


Are you in an area that sees really bad ice and snow conditions on a regular basis? Since they’re a third-generation model, the Michelin X-Ice XI3 tires have been perfected with time. They are equipped with brand exclusive Cross Z Sipes, Micro-Pumps and the Flex-Ice compounds that make them built to take on both the harshest snow and ice.


Bridgestone Blizzak LM001


For city drivers who spend most of their time running errands, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 tires are a good option for casual winter driving. While they are not high-performance tires, they are a good option for individuals who don’t drive an excessive amount or spend most of their time in at home in cities where roads are usually well cared for. Tires like this are recommended for individuals who have flexibility in their driving schedule (in other words, if you can work from home on really bad snow days then these tires are ideal for you).

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