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Get Inflated! – Why Proper Tire Inflation is Important

June 18, 2018

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Most people don’t pay attention to their tire pressure unless there is a noticeable problem, such as a deflated or flat tire. However, taking the time to check your tire pressure once a month can save you a lot of long-term future costs.


Paying attention to your tire pressure and inflation improves your gas mileage and preserves the quality of your tires – both of which are simple ways to save you money. The problem? Most Canadians have little to no knowledge of tire inflation.


Fast Facts About Tire Inflation


On behalf of the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada, Leger conducted a survey that drew the following conclusions:


– Only 30% of respondents indicated that they measure their tire inflation pressure regularly.

– 65% of respondents were unaware that tire inflation pressure should only be measured when tires are cold. In other words, your vehicle should be parked for approximately three hours or driven less than two kilometres shortly before measuring tire inflation.

– Roughly 20% of respondents indicated that they rely solely on visual inspections when determining their tire inflation levels, even though a tire that is substantially under-inflated can look like a typical, well-inflated tire.

– Young drivers are particularly unaware of the importance of tire inflation and therefore need to expand their knowledge.


Why Tire Inflation Matters


The tires on your vehicle can be credited with getting you where you need to go, but there are many other reasons that tire inflation matters:


Vehicle safety – inadequate tire inflation puts you and others on the road at risk, a vehicle with proper inflation handles more effectively on the road.


Longer lasting tires – your tires will be subject to less wear and tear if you maintain adequate tire inflation.


Improved fuel efficiency – tire inflation is directly related to fuel efficiency, therefore proper tire inflation results in fuel cost savings. Gas mileage improved for drivers up to 3% when they keep their tires properly inflated.


Environmentally smart – low tire inflation is linked to increased gas consumption, which means that properly inflated tires are a part of good environmental stewardship. Underinflated tires are responsible for wasting an estimated 500 million litres of fuel over the past year. This is unsustainable given the impending global fuel crisis.


How to Determine Tire Inflation


Convinced that tire inflation is important but not sure how to check your tires? The great news is it’s a very straightforward process. You can use a personal air pressure gauge to determine tire inflation levels.


However, if you find it difficult or confusing to do yourself, you can also visit Xtreme Tire Garage! We’ll check your tire pressure and adjust the inflation levels if necessary. There are also many useful online resources such as the “Get Fuel Fit guide and “Be Tire Smart” to increase your knowledge and best practices!


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