Winter Tires Are Worth The Investment

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Winter Tires Are Worth The Investment

October 20, 2016

realSize_645_362.5682_resized_645x461_ultragrip-ice-plus_tcm2093-154865   This winter it’s important to check that your tires are in good condition and are equipped to handle the harsh weather. With slippery, icy roads it is worth the investment in winter tires. Winter tires provide added safety in the snow and ice because they have treads that are designed to handle hazardous road conditions.   When purchasing a winter tire consider the conditions of the roads around your home and work. If you live in the country where rural roads are not frequently plowed then you’ll want to invest in a set of tires that will allow you to drive safely through rough, snowy roads and maintain good stopping ability. If you’re in the city where roads are often plowed and therefore slushy make sure you can stop quickly without skidding, especially if you drive in a high-traffic, high-pedestrian area.   Check the Condition of Your Winter Tires   If you are installing your winter tires from last season or the season before make sure you take a look at the treads to determine the remaining tread life on the tires. Look for uneven wearing and check the sidewalls for cuts and nicks. Such indicators may be warnings that it is time to consider a new set of winter tires now, or at the end of the season.   Remember to check your spare tire too and ensure your jack works, just in case you need to change a flat. Don’t forget to rotate your tires to help them last longer and ensure the wheels are aligned properly after the installation. It’s also a good idea to check your tire pressure throughout the winter months.   Following these steps as part of your winter maintenance routine will help ensure your family is safe when you have to drive in hazardous winter weather.


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