17 Years of Automotive Excellence - Malcolm: Xtreme Tire Garage's Expert

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Employee Spotlight: Malcolm De Souza Partner & General Manager

June 9, 2023

Role: Partner, General Manager, Certified 310 S & T Mechanic

Favourite Vehicle: Bugatti

Contact: Malcolm@xtremetiregarage.com


About Malcolm De Souza

Malcolm De Souza is a seasoned professional with an impressive background and an unwavering commitment to excellence as an Xtreme Tire Garage partner. Let’s delve into Malcolm’s role, contributions, and journey leading up to his remarkable tenure at Xtreme Tire Garage.

Malcolm assumes a multifaceted position at Xtreme Tire Garage, serving as a Company Partner and General Manager. With 17 years of dedicated service since the inception of Xtreme Tire Garage, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth and ensuring its seamless operation. Malcolm’s responsibilities encompass overseeing daily operations, managing the shop floor, and providing technical expertise when required.

When it comes to offering an unparalleled experience for Xtreme Tire Garage clients, Malcolm’s automotive expertise and passion for tackling mechanical challenges truly shine. His extensive technical knowledge and skills are second to none, allowing him to approach any problem or mechanical challenge with unwavering confidence. Whether it’s addressing the needs of retail customers or managing fleet requirements, Malcolm’s “can-do” attitude ensures that no problem is insurmountable.

Malcolm’s Background and Experience:

Before embarking on his journey working at Xtreme Tire Garage, Malcolm honed his skills during a decade-long tenure at MTC. However, his automotive career began with a high school co-op at Master Mechanic, where he tirelessly worked towards earning his 310 S+T licenses, including his Red Seal certification, all by the age of 20. Malcolm’s passion for mechanics stemmed from his father’s influence, who instilled in him a curiosity to deconstruct and reconstruct machines from an early age.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Malcolm is a true artist at heart. Outside of work, he channels his creativity into crafting jewelry and creating metal sculptures. You may even catch him showcasing his beloved Corvette and Chevelle at car shows, where his love for automobiles truly comes to life.

At Xtreme Tire Garage, every day brings new and exciting challenges, which is precisely what Malcolm thrives on. His favourite aspect of working at Xtreme Tire Garage is the ever-evolving nature of the job. From complex repairs to diagnosing intricate issues, Malcolm’s enthusiasm for overcoming obstacles keeps him motivated and ensures that he continually pushes the boundaries of his skills.

Malcolm is highly regarded by his colleagues for his vast knowledge, exceptional skills, and unruffled demeanour, even in the face of pressure. His ability to stay calm and composed during demanding situations is a testament to his unwavering professionalism. Malcolm’s colleagues recognize him as an invaluable asset to Xtreme Tire Garage, acknowledging that the company’s success owes much to his invaluable contributions.

Thank you, Malcom! We look forward to many more years working alongside you at Xtreme Tire Garage.


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