Operation Guardian Force Event | Xtreme Tire Garage

1044 Rangeview Rd. Mississauga, ON


Xtreme Tire Garage & “Friends of the Regiment”

July 6, 2015

8 x 10


Operation Guardian Force: A once in a lifetime experience to raise a million for our military. 


On May 22nd, 2015, Jason from Xtreme Tire Garage participated in the Operation Guardian Force event for our nation’s military and was proud to support the cause. The experience was extremely memorable and one that he plans to continue supporting. Being a proud Canadian company, Xtreme Tire Garage plans to continue with support of our nation’s military.  


When asked about Operation Guardian Force’s mission a representative had the following to say, “We want to give back, help them, and let them know we appreciate everything they do for us. Our goal is to raise $160,000 per year over the next five to eight years, and you can help by joining us for an unforgettable lifetime experience as well as bringing a friend to enjoy the day with.”


The experience included a number of first hand military experiences:

-Side by side training from The Royal Canadian Dragoons

-Being fully outfitted in military fatigues

-Eating lunch through an IMP (Individual Meal Pack) that is identical to the food soldiers eat in the field of operations

-Driving in LAV (Light armoured vehicles)

-Ending the day with a Mess Dinner in the Mess Hall of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, accompanied by the soldiers who took you through the ropes that day and other senior officers at the base


Going forward, Jason and Xtreme Tire Garage will continue to support Operation Guardian Force and efforts towards our Canadian Military, to help give back for everything they do.



“We are extremely privileged to live and work in Canada where we enjoy freedom, a wonderful standard of living, and abundant opportunities. The brave men and women who serve in our Canadian Military risk their lives for us as they work to fight to preserve what we often take for granted.”


Our Xtreme team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with anything you need.