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Top Winter Road Safety Tips

December 5, 2018

winter road safety


Now that winter is here, most people want to stay at home and hibernate! However, with the holiday season comes visits with family, trips to the mall and festive parties. In fact, most people drive more in the winter then they may want to. Luckily, it’s possible to get through another frigid season if you plan ahead and drive according to the road conditions.


Prepping Your Car


When it comes to winter driving, it’s important to ensure your car is winter ready. The following preparation tips will help keep you and your family safe while giving you peace of mind over the next few months:


Winter tires


The statistics don’t lie. Having winter tires allows your vehicle to stop more quickly, maneuver better and stick to the road better. Make sure your winter tires from last year have good tread depth and if they don’t, take the time to get some new tires as soon as possible.


Have a winter supply kit


Before you venture too far from your home, make sure you have a winter emergency supply kit in your car. This should include energy bars, water, blankets, extra clothing, a first aid kit, matches, a small shovel, and roadmaps.


Oil change and fluid top-up


Visit your mechanic before making any long trips to see family this holiday season. Grab an oil change with a 5W or synthetic oil. While at the mechanic, make sure that all your fluids are topped up.


Washer fluid


Make sure your wiper fluid is filled up with de-icer washer fluid. Keep a full bottle in your trunk as well. Double check that your wipers are in good shape, too.


Staying Safe on The Road


Winter road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Drivers have to change and adapt the way they drive in the winter to deal with the snow and ice.  Here are a few reminders on how to stay safe on the road during these chilly months:


Drive slowly and smoothly


The biggest issue with people in winter is driving like it’s the summer. You have to keep your car going slow and steady. Don’t make any abrupt turns or movements. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times and be cautious.


Allow plenty of room


Tailgating is an issue all year round, but it becomes incredibly dangerous in the winter time. Allow upwards of four or more car spaces between you and the car in front of you.


Slow down and brake before making turns


Every move you make while driving in winter has to be methodical and accurate. Plan your turn before you start doing it. Slow down in advance and brake slowly to reduce sliding.


Learn how to control a skid


Skidding in a car can be extremely scary, but if you know how to react and deal with it, you can conquer that fear. Make sure you turn into the skid and accelerate. This will transfer the weight from the front to the rear of your vehicle and generally helps you to regain control.


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