Employee Spotlight: Mike Yacynuk, Retail Sales Manager - Xtreme Tire Garage

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Employee Spotlight: Mike Yacynuk, Retail Sales Manager

May 26, 2022

Role: Retail Sales Manager

Favourite Vehicle: Buick Grand National

Contact: mike@xtremetiregarage.com or 905-274-8000

About Mike Yacynuk


Mike Yacynuk, Xtreme Tire Garage’s Retail Sales Manager is our most senior sales and service advisor. As the Retail Sales Manager he has the expertise and experience needed to solve any tire or vehicle maintenance challenge. He also ensures all tire fitments are accurate. Mike is great at finding the best solution for the clients’ specific application and vehicle type. His knowledge and experience in this business allows him to be an effective leader of the XTG sales team.


Mike has been with Xtreme Tire Garage team since the beginning, starting 16 years ago. Prior to his role at Xtreme Tire Garage, he had been working in the tire business for 6 years. He started in the industry 22 years ago as a Tire Technician and then moved on to the sales counter before finally settling into his current management role.


Mike enjoys his role at Xtreme Tire Garage because he gets the opportunity to interact with people, including new clients and long-term customers. He also enjoys working to help clients with challenging requests and always finds a way to provide exceptional customer service. In his life outside of Xtreme Tire, he is an active member of our local community and coaches youth hockey.


Mike is an essential member of the Xtreme Tire Garage team. Everyone knows Mike and appreciates his hard work and his excellent customer service. His biggest strength is his industry knowledge on both the retail and fleet side of the business. His experience and skills make him an extremely valued and respected member of the Xtreme team. We appreciate his continued devotion to the team and commitment to providing the best service possible for our customers. If you’d like to reach out to Mike or any of our other team members to discuss tires or vehicle services, reach out to mike@xtremetiregarage.com or call 905-274-8000. If you are looking to become a member of the team, visit our careers page.


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