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Keep Your RV Road-Worthy with Regular RV & Trailer Maintenance

July 15, 2020

There are many benefits attached to owning an RV or trailer. To extend your enjoyment and maximize your road trips you’ll need to keep your RV road-worthy. Regular summer and winter maintenance is vital to the lifespan of your RV or trailer and properly caring for your home away from home will also help you avoid hefty repair bills.

Summer maintenance

Once the summer arrives, it’s time to hit the road and create some memories. Before venturing out, conduct a thorough summer maintenance check. Have the check conducted a week or so before any planned trips to ensure you have time to make any necessary repairs.

  • Open everything – Open all doors and compartments and check for rodent or water damage issues. Open all windows and look for water damage
  • Battery – Look to be certain that the battery is in good order, charged, and inspect it for corrosion or debris. Check to make sure it works.
  • Detectors – Check the fire, carbon dioxide and LP gas leak detectors. Replace batteries and the detector itself if it’s faulty.
  • Fire extinguisher – Inspect for damage or corrosion. Look at the last inspection date and have it checked if required. Make sure it is fully charged.
  • Seal everything up – Examine all interior seams, windows and vents for signs of water damage or holes.
  • Hinges and locks – Apply spray lubricant to all hinges and locks on windows, cupboards and doors.
  • Dryer sheets – Place dryer sheets under all mattresses and cushions. Keeps the mice away and helps deal with musty smells.
  • Mothballs – To help prevent spiders from nesting and causing a possible gas flow blockage, put a few mothballs near the gas burner assembly of the refrigerator.
  • Hydraulic jack – If applicable, test the hydraulic jack and check the hydraulic fluid level.
  • Tires – Check that they are holding air, nothing is in the wheel wells and that there is no sign of dry rot. Ensure you get them balanced before your trip.
  • Awnings – Open all awnings and check for rips, holes or other damage.

After all initial checks and maintenance has been done, be sure to check, inspect and test run all of these systems and appliances:

  • Propane tank, valves and piping.
  • Furnace
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Electrical system
  • Waste water system

Winter maintenance

Once falls approaches, get your RV or trailer ready for winter by following these maintenance steps:

  • One last trip – Before putting it away take the RV for one last short trip. This is a great time to listen for any strange noises. When you return, do a thorough walk around of the RV and inspect all awnings, seals etc.
  • Clean – Do a solid cleaning of the RV inside and out. Wax the vehicle if possible, and make sure to remove all food from the refrigerator and cupboards. Vacuum and wipe down the entire interior, including cabinets and counters.
  • Remove the battery – Take the battery out of the vehicle and keep it on a maintenance charger. Keep it in a dry, cool and ventilated place. If you leave the battery in the vehicle, you must start it every few months to avoid moisture build up.
  • A/C – Disconnect all air conditioning connects and clean out the filter.
  • Refrigerator – Defrost and clean the refrigerator. Add a box of baking soda to capture odors, and ensure the doors are left open to allow air flow before closing it up for the season.
  • Engine – Before storing, make sure to change the oil and filter. Fill the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Close it up – Shut the blinds or curtains on all windows to avoid sun exposure on the interior.
  • Dry cell batteries – Take out all batteries in flashlights, clocks and other devices.
  • Cover what you can – If possible, cover your tires with tarps, and cover the entire RV if at all possible, to protect it from the harsh winter elements.

It’s a good idea to bring your vehicle into the professionals at Xtreme Tire Garage as the seasons change. We can help you with the tires, battery, and other essential systems of your recreational vehicle. Contact us today to book your inspection!


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