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Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

December 27, 2017

safe driving in winter.


When the snow starts to fall and covers the road, your vehicle won’t perform as well without winter tires. Driving in the winter can cause added stress to your daily commute. With the constant worry of running into black ice, you want to be mindful and prepared for common winter driving issues.


At Xtreme Tire Garage, we’ve put together simple suggestions to keep you free from harm when you’re driving in snow or ice this winter. Start feeling comfortable behind the wheel and more secure on the road with these safe driving tips for the Holidays:


Install Winter Tires


Firstly, your best defense against the slippery roads is to have proper winter tires. You can find a large selection of top quality winter tires brands in Mississauga. Winter tires are scientifically engineered and are rigorously tested to achieve safety standards. When you install winter tires you’ll be getting more grip, control, and stability when driving in snow.


Stock Up!


Be prepared for any malfunctions during cold snaps or snow storms. Keep warm blankets, extra hats and mittens, and a scraper brush in your car. Having an emergency safety kit is important throughout the year, but more so in the winter when you can potentially be stuck in the snow. If you are travelling during a snowstorm, always ensure you have more than half a tank of gas. Reduced speeds and traffic will cause you to burn through more gas.


Slow Down


Give yourself more time to get to your destination. Follow the posted speed limit and leave extra room between vehicles. Make sure to stop early and slowly for stop signs and red lights. Just because you have high quality winter tires, doesn’t mean you’re granted the same driving ability as the summer. Speed is a factor in all driving conditions, it’s always best to slow down.


Pay Extra Attention


In the wintertime, snow and rain make it difficult to view roads. You have to pay extra attention to the vehicles around you. Focusing more on the road, you’ll be better able to spot sliding cars, icy patches where vehicles are unable to stop. If needed, turn down your music when driving in bad weather conditions so you can better anticipate your reaction.


Anticipate Your Reaction


Remember, if you have hit a patch of ice: remain calm. Take your foot off the accelerator and slowly put pressure on the brakes turning into the skid. Don’t slam on the brakes. Hitting the brakes hard will cause sharp turns, sliding, and loss of control.


Contact Us


Have you already checked off step one: getting your winter tires put on in Mississauga? If not book your winter tire appointment today! The first snow has already fallen, but winter isn’t over and there’ll be more snow to come. Be prepared before it’s too late. Contact Xtreme Tire Garage for all your winter car maintenance, so you and your family will be safe for the Holidays!

On behalf of everyone at Xtreme Tire Garage, we wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!


Our Xtreme team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with anything you need.